Support the 2021 Annual Alumni Appeal today

Thank you Massey Alumni for supporting the 2021 Annual Alumni Appeal. 
The  appeal has so far raised a staggering $128,000 in donations and has received a further $24,500 in pledges
for vital projects, and students facing hardship. 
It’s not too late to give. 
Help us make it one of the most successful appeals ever by clicking on the link below to make a donation or to fulfil a pledge.
Thank you again for supporting Massey University

Massey University, it is a great educational institution, doing great work, thanks in no small part to the support of alumni like you.

With the continuance of disruptions from COVID-19 this year has once again been difficult for most, with many students and projects needing financial assistance to help them get through an extremely difficult year.

Your much needed support during our 2021 Annual Alumni Appeal will help fundraise for three important projects:

The Regenerative Farming Project
Massey University is working closely with MPI on scoping out a major programme to explore diverse pasture systems under both dairy cattle and sheep grazing to robustly study regenerative and conventional pasture management practices. This would also test the anecdotal claims that many of our conventional pastoral practices are in fact ‘already regenerative’.

The team at Massey, led by Professor Danny Donaghy, want to ensure that farmers and the public have access to the studies that are underway and are appealing for $60,000 to install ‘on farm’ cameras and develop a website to ensure information is accessible to farmers, school children and the public. With your support this project can begin in 2022.

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Student Hardship Bursary
Sadly, there is always a need for student hardship bursaries and the global pandemic has only increased demand. Many students have found themselves in dire financial circumstances and many don’t have families that can support them. For these students the playing field is not level and it is often only the help of others that allows them to reach their potential. Students that receive our hardship grants are very humble and grateful for the support of alumni. Often the fact that someone believes in them is as significant to them as the financial relief offered by the bursary.

You can read more about our hardship bursaries here

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The Advancement Fund
This is a fund that is used at the discretion of the Foundation Board and the Vice-Chancellor to fund the University’s
most urgent needs. It gives Massey money to assist with emergency funding for staff and students. These donations are highly valued.

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Whether your donation goes towards supporting students who are suffering from financial hardship during this difficult time, or to vital research projects, your gift, no matter how big or small, is highly valued and will make a positive contribution.

You can make an online donation by completing the information below or by Direct Credit/Bank Transfer:
Bank A/C Number: 02-0500-0659127-000
Ref: Surname + Initial
Code: Use ReGen to give to Danny Donaghy's regenerative farming project, MUHB to give to the Hardship Bursary, AF to give to the Advancement Fund.

USA and UK residents: Find out about how you can make a tax deductable donation hereUSA / UK Donate now

The Massey University Foundation is a registered charity cc 27593 and all donations over $5.00 are eligible for a tax rebate.


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