Scholarships have the power to change lives.

With the cost of living rising every year, many talented students face financial barriers to attending university and achieving their best. The Massey University Foundation aims to ensure that deserving students have every opportunity to gain a world-class education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

The financial support provided by scholarships and bursaries can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals and their families. Yet, the affirmation of receiving a scholarship and the encouragement this brings can be even more powerful.

Each year, the Foundation distributes about half a million dollars in scholarships to Massey University students. 

If you would like to support students by donating to a scholarship please visit our list of funds page.

Please note: All scholarships held by the Massey University Foundation are listed and administered by the Massey University Scholarships Office, with the exception of the Massey University Foundation Grant and the Massey University Student Advancement Grant, both of which are administered by the Foundation and can be applied for below.