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For more than 90 years, Massey University has been the home of high quality research-led teaching, innovation and creativity. Massey is committed to solving global challenges by producing curious, world-ready graduates who are focused on the issues that matter.

A gift in your Will to Massey University allows you to leave a special legacy. It celebrates your lifelong relationship with Massey and leaves an enduring impact for generations to come.

Why leave a gift in your Will to Massey University?

Since its inception Massey University has been the recipient of many gifts that have helped shaped its contribution to New Zealand and the world. Two of the first were those of Sir John Logan Campbell in 1912 and Sir Walter Clark Buchanan in 1924. These two gifts enabled the establishment of an agricultural college on farmland at the edge of the Manawatu River in 1927. It is from these gifts that Massey was born and, over the last 90 years, has grown to a multi-campus University with expertise in veterinary medicine, agriculture, horticulture, food innovation, humanities, creative arts, technology and engineering, education, and business.

Including the Massey University Foundation as a beneficiary in your Will means you can identify a specific area of your choice in which to advance the work being undertaken at Massey. Your gift will help Massey to advance Aotearoa New Zealand and make a better world.

What will my gift be used for?

A targeted gift can be made towards one of our current projects or scholarships, or you can choose to create your own.

Alternatively, your gift could be described as an unrestricted or general gift, allowing the University to allocate resources to the area of greatest need and allowing flexibility for the future.

Whatever the purpose of the gift, we guarantee that the money will be spent according to the instructions you make.


Many gifts left to us in Wills provide scholarships for disadvantaged and/or outstanding students. These scholarships are a direct way to help students reach their goals. In 2016, the Massey University Foundation distributed $426,000 worth of scholarships to Massey students – many of these only possible from bequests.


A gift in your Will could also go towards meaningful research or projects that you are passionate about. For example, small dog veterinary research, mental health studies or agriculture-related research projects. A targeted gift enables you to identify a specific area in which to advance at Massey University.


Some of our donors prefer to give to something more physical such as the building of contemporary facilities on campus, like the new Wildbase hospital, or the refurbishment of heritage buildings such as the Refectory building.

Gifts can also make a significant contribution to library collections, endowing professorial chairs; equipping laboratories; launching new programmes – all of which will ensure that Massey remains at the cutting edge of discovery and education.

Letting us know your intentions

The details of your Will are naturally a private matter, and understandably, you may wish to keep them that way. However, if you wish, you can let us know your plans and we can then respond appropriately, and where necessary assist you by discreetly providing you with information about specific departmental needs and areas where the University requires support. Informing us of your intentions in no way commits you to any gift, and any information you give to us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your Will to Massey University please contact Mitch Murdoch, Foundation Director on +64 6 951 6599 or contact us via the online form.