Apply for the Student Advancement Fund

The student advancement fund has been established by the students of Massey University from funds provided by a levy charged to all students by the University and then gifted to the Massey University Foundation for investment and distribution.

Applications to the Student Advancement Fund will be considered for projects up to a maximum value of $20,000 and which meet the following criteria:

  1. Applications to the fund should demonstrate a clear benefit to the physical or mental welfare of students at Massey University or advance education of students at Massey.
  2. Applications from groups of students would be welcomed
  3. Funding will be considered for one-off expenses as well as longer projects that run for more than one financial year.
  4. Applications to the fund will not be considered for those things which should rightly be funded by the university e.g. classrooms, classroom equipment, teaching staff
  5. Applications to the fund will not be considered for providing services that would normally be supplied or funded by other student service bodies.
  6. Applicants must supply a bank account and a clear proposal for accounting for expenditure.
  7. Applications must be made in writing (no more than 600 words) by 2 September 2018 to: 
    The Student Levy Committee
    c/o Massey University Foundation
    Tiritea House – PN213
    Private Bag 11222
    Palmerston North

The committee will make a decision of the applications and will inform successful applicants in writing.

Queen of Tears Exhibition

Recipient of a Student Advancement Grant, 2015

“The Queen of Tears exhibition, held in October 2015, was a six day feminist exhibition in central Wellington that embraced, educated and empowered people to express how they feel. The exhibition was an emotional and artistic response to growing up and navigating the female experience put on by Massey University College of Creative Arts students Megan Alexander, Constance McDonald, Nicole Webber and myself - Jessica Ziegler. We received funding from the Student Advancement Fund to put on the exhibition which we were, and still are, immensely grateful for. Read more