Massey University is a government supported university so why does it need my help?
Government funding only accounts for around 40% of the University’s income so gifts from alumni and friends are becoming increasingly important to all New Zealand universities. Philanthropy at Massey University is often the difference between good and excellent and ensures the University remains a self-reliant institution at the forefront of teaching, research and invention. Gifts through the Foundation support many special projects at Massey University including scholarships for students who would otherwise not attend university, innovative research and building projects.

Where does my donation go?
All donations go into the trust fund of the Massey University Foundation. Because the Foundation is a separate legal entity, all donations are held externally from the University. 100% of your donation reaches the fund of your choice.

Who manages the donations?
The Massey University Foundation manages donations to the University. The Foundation is a trust that is separate from the University and is a registered charity in New Zealand.
The trust manages, invests and administrates gifts to Massey University. It is governed by a board of trustees who report to the Massey University Council and provide audited accounts in an annual report.

Who can give to Massey?
Anyone can give to Massey University.

Most of our donors are alumni or staff. However, even if you’re not an alumnus or staff member, you can give to Massey University. Whatever your area of interest, it's highly likely it's being taught, practised or researched somewhere at Massey University. Or you can choose to help students in any discipline who don’t have the financial means to come here.

What are the tax benefits of making a gift?
New Zealand resident taxpayers donating to a charity receive a 33.3 per cent rebate on their donation. For example, if you make a gift of $15,000, it will cost you only $10,000 once the $5,000 rebate is taken into consideration.

How do I donate by bank transfer?
A gift transferred from your bank account directly into ours is often the easiest way to make a gift. Payments can be made electronically to:

Massey University Foundation
A/C # 02-0500-0659127-00
Bank of New Zealand, Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Swift Code: BKNZNZ22
Reference: Surname + Preferred Fund

If you are donating from the United States we encourage you to donate to our Friends of Massey USA Inc fund. Details can be found here.

Are my credit card or bank details safe if I give online?
We take the privacy of your information and financial security very seriously. The online donation form has electronic security measures to protect your credit card and other information.

How do I specify where I want my gift to go to?
We have many different funds that you can donate to, depending on your interests. You can choose a specific fund to donate to when making a donation online.
Alternatively, a donor may specify the gift designation by writing a letter stating the intent or by creating a Gift Agreement with the Massey University Foundation, particularly when establishing a new project or fund.

How do I know my donation will be used responsibly?
We have a code of conduct for benefactors that ensures your donation is used responsibly and invested wisely to give maximum benefit to Massey University.
Read the code of conduct for benefactors.

What recognition do you give benefactors?
Unless a donor has requested anonymity, we publish the names of all of our benefactors in the Massey University Foundation Annual Review, published once a year.
For larger donors, recognition for contributions to Massey University can be done in a number of ways, including (but not limited to);

  • Naming of buildings, lecture theatres, research groups or other specific items
  • Named scholarships or prizes that exist in perpetuity
  • Establish scholarships, prizes or buildings to honour the life of a loved one