Hear from our students

The Massey University Foundation aims to ensure that deserving students have every opportunity to gain a world-class education at Massey, regardless of their financial circumstances. The financial support provided by scholarships and bursaries can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals and their families. Yet, the affirmation of receiving a scholarship and the encouragement this brings can be even more powerful.

Each year, the Foundation distributes about half a million dollars in scholarships to Massey University students. Thank you to all staff who contribute to a scholarship fund through the DSG programme and for helping these students reach their potential.

Catherine Foster

Recipient of the Joe Walding Bursary

"Financial hardship should not be a barrier to education for anyone, thanks to the generosity of Massey Staff, bursaries like mine help make goals more achievable."

Picture of Murtesa HassenMurtesa Hassen

Recipient of a Bootten Bequest Bursary, 2015

"I came to New Zealand with my brothers and sisters as refugees from Ethiopia in 2003 after a three-year separation from my father who came to New Zealand in 2000. Now I am studying for a bachelor of nursing at Massey University. Without a scholarship I would have found it difficult to attend university and receiving a grant has been a huge relief to me and my family. I would like to thank those that contribute to scholarships at Massey, it means a lot and it changes lives."

Picture of Jasmine KnowlesJasmine Knowles

Hugh MacDiarmid Bursary

"Honestly, this scholarship made such a difference to my final year. It took the financial stress away so that I could focus on my degree. There is no way I could have got a job and still performed to the level I wanted at university. I had my heart set on getting the Dux award for veterinary science and this scholarship, in essence, helped me to do just that! I'm now working in my dream job as an Aquaculture Veterinarian in Tasmania. I love working in this industry as there is always so much innovation and research to get involved with. Thank you to the family of Hugh MacDiarmid and the Massey Foundation for giving me the step up I needed to reach my full potential as a veterinarian."

Picture of Janelle SmithJanelle Smith

Recipient of the New New Zealand Grant

"The new NZ grant allowed me to attend Maynooth University in Ireland for three months during their fall semester. It was a wonderful experience. One of the biggest things I took away from my studies was how rich and complicated the history of Ireland is. My lack of context pushed me to really focus during my classes and learn quickly. The Irish history of suffering, revolution and fight is incredibly interesting and inspiring.

One of the highlights of my time over there was travelling to other parts of Europe during the university breaks. This was only made possible by the New NZ Grant and without it I wouldn't have been able to leave Ireland.

I am very grateful to have received the New NZ Grant from the Massey Foundation. It enhanced my overall experience so much, eliminated my stress about money and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the Irish culture which was a huge blessing."

Picture of Shanti AdhikariShanti Kala Adhikari

Recipient of a new New Zealand Grant, 2015

"During my final year of my PhD study in Palmerston North the devastating Nepal earthquake struck my home, leaving extensive damage to our family houses and critically injuring my mother-in-law. The financial support I was receiving from my parents, in-laws and family suddenly stopped because my family lost their capacity to fund me. My husband immediately returned to Nepal to support our families so I alone took the responsibility of our two school-aged children in NZ bearing all expenses while continuing my study. This unforeseen financial situation was very difficult and I was forced to manage the household expenses, including the children's school costs, with a loan. The new New Zealand bursary supported me immensely during this critical situation and allowed me to support my family so I could complete my PhD thesis successfully and on time. It was not only a financial support for me but also an emotional and moral support too."

Picture of Same TennentSam Tennent

Recipient of the David Levene Foundation Bursary and the J McLennan Bursary, 2010

"Embarking on study with a young child was daunting but I knew it was what I needed to do to ensure I provide my son and myself with the best opportunities in our future. I took a chance at applying for a scholarship and found myself in a better position financially after receiving it.

Simple every day costs and equipment required for my degree were much easier to obtain, stress was minimised, and there were many other benefits all round. A BIG thanks to the Massey University Foundation from myself and my son, any little bit helps in a big way!"

Picture of Krunoslav BojanicKrunoslav Bojanic

Recipient of the Joan Berry Fellowship in Veterinary Science and a Massey University Doctorate Scholarship, 2012

"Before I received the scholarships I worked long hours, I was constantly tired and stressed, and I worried my research would suffer as a result. After I received the scholarships my life was so much better! I stopped working and fully dedicated myself to my PhD on an emerging species of Campylobacter, one of the most prevalent and acute gastrointestinal illnesses in the developed world. The scholarships made such a big difference; I can't thank the Foundation's donors enough."