Why giving matters

Massey University is an innovative institution committed to solving the big issues and defining the future of our country and the world. It is also a great place to work and produces world-leading research and some of the finest graduates.

- Support vital projects that are often overlooked

The Foundation's Do Something Good programme raises funds for priority projects not funded by the government or student fees. This includes scholarships for outstanding students or students in hardship, new facilities that help keep the University a world-class education facility, and funding for innovative research projects undertaken by our staff and postgraduate students.

- Ensure every student can thrive

You’ll be helping make sure Massey University can attract the most gifted students from around the world, irrespective of their ability to pay. The Massey University Foundation distributes over 145 scholarships each year to Massey students. Many of these go to high achieving students in financial hardship, who, without scholarships, may not complete their study. Your gift can make a real difference to these students’ lives.

- Help us stay at the top of the game

Your gift will make a significant difference to the work of the University and our students by keeping us at the forefront of research and academic excellence. In an environment of uncertain government funding and growing global competition, it’s imperative that Massey keeps its position as a top university by competing for the best scholars, students and staff.

- Together we can make an impact

There are around 3000 employees at Massey University, so together university staff have the ability to make a huge impact on the Foundation's ability to fund activities, scholarships, research and facilities that will ensure Massey remains a world-class institution. Even a regular gift of $5 makes a difference.

- It benefits us all

The Massey University Foundation gave out a record $600,000 to research projects in 2017. We have some of the greatest minds in the country and produce innovative research across all areas of the University. Financial support allows our Massey staff and postgraduate students to undertake cutting-edge research that can have enormous benefit for New Zealand and the rest of the world.