Hear from our donors

"I give to the Foundation because I believe in the Enabling Excellence Fund - our success can be measured by our students' achievement. How we support them to progress directly reflects back upon us - DSG makes it easy to Do Something Good!"
June Lincoln
Designer, Massey University Design Studio

"I give to the Foundation because it feels like a small but real hand I can give to students whose goals are lofty but whose resources might be slender. I'm particularly mindful that students - awesome, committed, knowledgeable, tough students - sometimes face difficulties we in the innards of the University know nothing about. If I can contribute to scholarships or grants or programmes that will help those students reach a bit further, get closer to achieving that lofty goal, then I can make a difference not just to one student but to a wider family and a wider community beyond that. This means a lot to me!"
Associate Professor Elizabeth Gray
Director of Teaching and Learning, Massey Business School

"I give to the Foundation through DSG because I believe strongly in what the University is trying to achieve and because I think it is crucial that if I ask others to give - whether staff, alumni or other external stakeholders - I can say that I'm personally giving to support the University."
Professor Ted Zorn
Head of Massey Executive Development Institute and Professor of Organisational Communication

"Massey University is only as strong as we make it. By giving back I hope to support the Foundation's worthy causes, but also to strengthen the community that sustains us all. Small amounts can grow into a big difference."
Professor Malcolm Wright 
MSA Charitable Trust Chair in Marketing, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

"Supporting the Foundation means I can make a difference by helping give more students the opportunity to follow their desire to study at Massey University. And the payroll scheme makes it easy, while also ensuring the tax credits are received." 
Dr Claire Matthews
Director of Academic Programmes, Massey Business School

"If everyone chips in a bit then we can fund amazing things that don't have to be measured by their economic value alone. I'm supporting the foundation for 5 years now because just talking is never as good as actually doing something good, even if it's just a bit that you can contribute. Remember that dodo in Alice in wonderland? The best way to explain it is to do it."
Uli Thie 
Technical Demonstrator, School of Design

"Universities change lives and change the world. I grew up on a dairy farm in rural North Wales, my life in higher education has changed my outlook and my life beyond all recognition, I give to the Foundation because I believe in the transformative power of what we do." 
Prof Jon Huxley
Head of the School of Veterinary Science and Professor of Dairy Cow Health

"I believe the foundation is able to use the fund to help talented students in need, to make a positive impact on their lives. Also, I have personally benefited from receiving higher education, so I wish to help others in some way and see other people succeed in their studies."

Senior Lecturer, Massey Business School

"I give to the Foundation because I know that our students benefit from whatever I can contribute - the students are our core stakeholder."
Tina Haronga
Executive Assistant, Strategy, Finance, IT and Commercial Operations